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What you need to know about "La Pizza"

The Food...

La Pizza is a restaurant specialized in Pizzas, which occupy the main part of the products La Pizza offers.


The dough is crispy, crunchy and thin, prepared each day by the chef and his assistants and Su-Chef. Also, the ingredients are bough daily, helping to give the pizzas their fresh taste which can be found in every slice.

The Ingredients...

The ingredients that we use here in La Pizza are of high quality and selected for their flavour and versatility.


On a Pizza, its’ not only the flavour of each ingredient individually that's important, but also the flavour when they mix with others.

The Restaurant...

The restaurant "La Pizza" is located in Santiago de la Ribera. Its interior is modern with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, is also has a beautiful terrace in the summer, which more than doubles its seating capacity.


Thanks to its interior and exterior space, along with its modern design, the Restaurant "La Pizza" has more than enough space and the perfect ambience in which you can host your party.

The interior capacity is about 16 people, although from April to September the terrace is open that has a capacity of 24 people, giving the restaurant a total capacity of 40 people throughout these months.


If you wish to reserve a large table for a group of people or for any kind of celebration (birthdays, Christmas dinners, New Year’s party, etc.) you can contact us through the normal telephone number for "La Pizza" (Tel: +34 968 33 67 13) or you can ring the following number: 663 190 775, a line dedicated to taking reservations. You can also send us a message by filling in our form that you can find on the "Contact Us" page of this website.

*For oreders under 12€, there is a 1€ delivery fee.

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